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Friday, 31 August 2012

MUJI storage dupes in Ryman!?...

Hey guys,

This is going to be a quick post but I felt like I needed to share.

Some or many of you may have heard about the Muji acrylic storage and drawers that so many bbloggers and youtubers have as they're makeup storage. Muji is available to UK people I think but you have to order online and it's not cheap.

I was in my local Ryman today and I saw some dupes! They had acrylic drawers and organisers by 'Osco' which are very similar to some of the Muji storage I've seen.

The brand also makes leather and wire storage and here is the web link:

The prices range from around £4.99 to £27.99 depending on the size etc.

I hope that this has been useful to someone out there :)

My next post will probably be a College Supplies Haul Video if you guys are interested. I love these videos so I'm going to haul my supplies after I've gone out and bought them. My course starts a week on tuesday so I have a little while left. Once I start college, I might have to rethink whether I continue with this blog.

Belle xx

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